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How do you project yourself after 2 years???? What are your expectations from your students??? Where do you think your student will stand after 5 years???? How the institute will be benefited by your contribution and where will it stand in a competitive world after 3-4 years???………………..Ah!!! so many questions to the community which is famous for asking questions to the students. Yes…… these questions were put up in a teachers training program conducted by Ms. Kalpana Saxena for 5 days for the teachers of Shiv Ashish.

The day 1 program was scheduled welcoming of the faculty by Principal Dr. Damayanthi Moses, introduction of participants, ice breaking session, group discussion, and most important aiming to be an outstanding teacher and not an excellent or good teacher.

Similarly following day schedules were conducted by Kalpana madam on different topics like Importance of love, trust, unity and how these gestures help in achieving the desired result from students. There were different assignments as well as activities involved to explain these topics. Also the importance of being creative and being good time managers help in the professional as well as personal life. There were presentations done by the participants and appreciated by the faculty.

The training session was enjoyed by the participants and the faculty also.