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At Shiv Ashish School, our arts education program is designed to encompass a wide range of creative disciplines, including dance, music, and visual arts. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to integrate both the responsive and creative dimensions of the arts, fostering a dynamic interplay between the two. This holistic approach not only ensures a comprehensive understanding of the arts but also highlights their relevance across various subjects in the curriculum.

Solo Singing

Solo Singing Competition is a celebration of individuality, expression, and the power of the human voice. Students from various grades take center stage, armed with nothing but their voices and a shared love for music.The competition celebrates diversity, allowing students to express themselves through the music that resonates with them the most.Every note, every lyric, and every nuance is delivered with unwavering passion. Such competition is a testament to the musical prowess within the school community.

Solo Dance

The Solo Dance Competition is a showcase of skill , a celebration of creativity and self-expression.Dive into the rhythm where the dance floor transforms into a canvas of expression, where each performer tells a unique story through their captivating movements. With passion and precision, our participants showcase their individuality, blending various dance styles to create a mesmerizing spectacle. Celebrating the spirit of dance, where every twirl and leap is a testament to the dedication and passion of our students.

MY FM ke Rangrezz Drawing Competition

The Rangrezz Drawing Competition showcased an incredible display of artistic talent and creativity among our students. The vibrant and diverse array of drawings, ranging from intricate patterns to imaginative landscapes, reflected the students’ unique perspectives and artistic flair. The competition served as a platform for self-expression and celebrating the artistic talents of its students.

Kathak Dance Workshop

“Immerse in the rhythmic poetry of Kathak! Our school recently hosted an enchanting Kathak workshop, where students dived into the rich cultural tapestry of this classical Indian dance form. Led by skilled instructors, the workshop celebrated the beauty of expressive footwork, graceful movements, and storytelling through dance. From intricate hand gestures to intricate footwork, participants embraced the essence of Kathak. The resonating sounds of ankle bells echoed in the halls as students explored the nuances of this traditional art. An unforgettable journey into the heart of Indian classical dance, fostering cultural appreciation and artistic expression among our talented school community.”

Fancy Dress

Unleashing creativity and imagination at our school’s spectacular Fancy Dress Competition! 🌟✨ Witness a kaleidoscope of characters as our students transform into superheroes, fairytale figures, and historical icons. This spirited event not only showcases the artistic flair of our young minds but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and fun.

Children's Day

“Embracing joy and laughter as we celebrate the vibrant spirit of our little stars! Today marked a special children’s celebration, filled with laughter, learning, and boundless enthusiasm. From creative performances to interactive activities, every moment radiated the essence of childhood wonder. Our dedicated educators ensured a day of both fun and educational engagement, fostering a love for learning in every child. As we cherish these precious moments, we reflect on the importance of nurturing curiosity and creativity in our young minds. Together, we’re building a foundation for a bright and promising future.

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