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An Eye-Opener written by Shiv Ashishan

An Eye-Opener written by Shiv Ashishan


Name: Janvi Sharma

Std: VII A

On our earth there is 25% of land & 75% of water. The quantity of water is more than land. Water is important in our life. Now-a-days water is getting less. But  what can we do. No, we can save the water. To see how much water waste in a day or month or year or in a century we have done an experiment in our school. An experiment of checking the drops in 10 minutes. We brought a glass and checked on every floor which tap is  leaking and how much water we can get in 10 minutes.

So as per that details, we multiplied the report was as below:

In a minute water leaked out is 92 ml

1 hour = 5520 ml= 5.5 ltr

1 day = 22080ml = 22.08 ltr

1 week = 132.480 ltr

1 month = 927.360 ltr

1 year = 11,12,8.320 ltr

If our school is wasting 11,12,832 ltr of water, can you imagine how much water our earth can waste????